What Is A Differential And Do You Have One?

March 28, 2014

With front-wheel drive being so common these days in Troy, Michigan, the differential is just taken care of during a transmission service, so most Troy car owners don't even have to think about it. And rear-wheel drive differentials don't need to be serviced for years, so it's unders... More

Custom Wheels and Tires For Your Troy Ride

March 22, 2014

It seems like everywhere you go in the Rochester hills area you see custom wheels. Big trucks, little cars, mini-vans - it doesn't matter, auto owners are expressing themselves with custom wheels. Some Michigan motorists want smaller tires and wheels - some want larger - and some wan... More

Air Conditioning Maintenance At Gary Knurek GoodYear In Troy

March 12, 2014

Warm weather or cold, Troy drivers still need to think about their SUVs air conditioning. Most Troy people dont service their air conditioning until after it fails. At Gary Knurek GoodYear, we can advise you on your 's preventive maintenance schedules for air conditiong service, jus... More

Lease Or Buy?

March 5, 2014

Lease? Or buy? These are the options for Troy car financing. It's always a tough question for Troy car owners. But here is some info that'll help you make an informed decision.If you buy, you'll pay the full cost of the car, with maybe an initial down payment, then monthly payments o... More